Maison AIX Rose’ 2018


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FRANCE Provence Daytime Fun Dry Easy Drinking Fresh Mineral Cinsault Grenache Shiraz/Syrah 2018



Conditions in Provence have always been ideal for making elegant and delicate wine. From mineral rich soils to an ideal elevation; from warm days and cool nights to mistral winds that dry vines on dewy mornings, the AOP Cote aux d’Aix-en-Provence was made for harvesting the indefectible blend of Grenache, Syrah and Cinsault that combine to build the rich, spicy notes of AIX Rosé.


AIX is the original Rosé wine born in Aix-en- Provence. The inspired quality of AIX embraces that heritage and advances the legacy of a region famous for a flavour that matches fruit with freshness and pairs tradition with progress. Born from generosity, every bottle of AIX Rosé comes with new opportunities to share.

With a commitment to creating the greatest Rosé in the world, it follows that AIX Rosé. should be found in the greatest places around the world.